Press & Trn

an independent print shop and line of specially curated tools for printmakers to unlock their potential


Press & Trn is an independent print shop with a rentable space and a line of products that come packaged together to make the first time printmaker’s experience easier and more streamlined. The conceptual approach revolves around the elemental nature of a beginning. 

Since it is an introductory-level kit, the primary colors were chosen to enforce the rudimentary nature associated with the kit. The imagery was selected to be hyper-zooms of the process of printmaking itself to show the value and beauty of a labor-intensive medium. The contents of the kit were selected to be an apron, a sponge, a microfiber towel, a deburring tool, a scraper, a can of ink, and a set of hard and soft ball grounds to set the first-time etcher up for success and ease. Given that there is already a ton to learn in etching, sourcing materials should not have to be an added stress. 

The slab serif typography alludes to the actual process of printing, which works through pressure, ultimately crushing and flattening anything going through the press, especially over time. The secondary typeface is sans serif and narrow to contrast the primary type as well as emphasize the modernization that comes with time as a process endures through centuries. The type is all rather rounded, shying from harsh lines and angles to maintain a friendly ethos, welcoming the user to the world of printmaking through that familiar voice.

The kit is housed in a re-purposed tool box to reference the nature of printmaking being somewhat D.I.Y., and full of potential for innovation.