a holistic self-care brand geared towards energy curation for the sophisticated naturalist


Ersa is a brand dedicated to holistic self-care. The brand name Ersa was derived from the constellations of Ursa which are among the oldest recognizable constellations in the sky, which has a minor and major portion. This two-fold nature was the birthplace of the nomenclature of First and Last Light, the two main scents Ersa offers.

First Light is an energizing scent blend made for use in the morning to naturally channel the user’s energy and get them ready for the impending day. Last Light is a relaxation blend intended for evening use as a wind-down tool from the user’s busy day. The concept of light was taken further in the Twilight Kit, a set of a candle and cone incense in the scent of Last Light. The home energy curatorial kit is housed in a laser cut box which can be used as a burner for both the incense and the candle, allowing the light and smoke to flow through the packaging and cleanse the energy of the home in the very casing it comes in. 

The typography is simple and straight forward, and the packaging minimally adorned as the light and energy that is housed in the product can be easily accessed and doesn’t compete with its packaging. The simplicity of ornamentation appeals to the sense of earthy modesty which the user values and embodies.